Community Update 137

  • 100 Eps Of The Noob Army

    There's no denying that Vertiigo has amassed a ridiculous amount of high quality Rust videos for his fans. A quantifiable amount, as a matter of fact. This is the 100th episode of his Noob Army series, and he does the unthinkable in it. He turns the noobs into a war machine.

    It's great, but I think the best bit is the speech at the War Council. He turns his head, taking in the gathering. There, on the right, is a man using a pair of binoculars from about a metre away. Glorious. [embedded content]

    The ending was very Blackadder Goes Forth. There's also a part two that made me cry with laughter. [embedded content]

    Congratulations, mate. And that's the funniest stoning since Monty Python.