Elden Ring's map is vast

  • As shown in Elden Ring’s 15-minute gameplay preview, the map is expansive, reflecting the larger setting of the game. You can fill it out by collecting Map Fragments, which add more fine details. While examining, you can also press a button to ping Sites of Grace, the game’s equivalent of Bonfires. This is handy if you need to save your game or get a little guidance on where to go next.

    Upon starting your adventure, you can open the map at any time (unless you are in combat) to see your position in the world, and travel to any Site of Grace you have visited provided you are not in a dungeon. However, besides the icons for points of interest and sites of grace, you will not be able to see any detail for the rest of the map beyond the borders of the land and major roads.

    Now, the map is huge, so how do you even go about navigating it? Well, obviously you are going to be doing tons of exploring and looking for landmarks. But, Elden Ring also features something known as map fragments that players can find in a variety of ways that unlock various special markers on the map, to lead players toward points of interest. These breadcrumb items can point you in the direction of all kinds of things. The open-world features hidden areas, optional bosses, and more. You can party with up to two other players in co-op in Elden Ring.

    Furthermore, you can place markers on your map to remind you of important information. There’s a variety of markers to place, with images of a sword, skull, person, animal, plant, jewel, chest, banner, tree, and keep. Using these will help you track areas you wish to revisit or explore later, whether it’s a full-on dungeon or a spot to farm crafting materials. What’s more, markers you place will be reflected in the world as beacons, so you can follow the light to the spot in question.

    Where to Find Map Stele Fragments

    This Map Fragment can be found at a large Stele located at the enemy camp called the Gatefront Ruins, just south of the Stormgate that leads to the Stormveil Castle. It is guarded by many Godrick Soldiers, one of which is a sentry and can alert the others.

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