Patch update

  • We've gotten a lot of questions coming our way about a possible patch this week and what we'll be adding to the game next. In an effort to increase the quality of our patches we've made the call to step back from releasing a patch every week and instead hold patches back until we are certain they reach the bar of quality we've set for the game. This decision was also based on feedback from the community.

    With this new approach to patches we will also have more time to test our updates before they go live.

    This means that there will not be a patch this week. We're aiming to have a build out on Testlive before the end of the week which will sit there for a while in order to root out any possible issues.

    There will, however, be a patch next week, with new content and additional exploit and bug fixes. We're adding lots and lots of new placeables and some other things we're not revealing right now. These placeables have been in the works for a while now and we hope you'll like what you see.

    For those wondering about the survey results we'll have something for you very soon.